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Our Mission: To provide superior, stellar service, better products, quick delivery, hassle free 30 day returns and free design services. Our prices will always remain consistently equal to or below any prices, model for model, on the internet.

There have been some practices in the retail furniture industry, in both brick and mortar stores and on line home furnishings stores, that have frustrated us, our customers and clients for too long.


1. The 200% - 300% mark up on accessories and wall decor in furniture stores.

2. The poor, boring and inadequate selection of wall decor and accessories in furniture stores.

3. The horrible selection of wall decor in those home goodsy type national chains, you know the ones, or the clothing off price retailers with accessory departments as an after thought. Those stores buy what doesn’t sell in other stores because no one wants them.

People settle for that because they have nowhere else to go to purchase home decor and accessories at an affordable price.

4. The always confusing and never ending number of items, within a category, to get lost in on line home furnishing's stores.

5. Online home furnishing's stores do not make it possible for customers to speak directly or indirectly for that matter, with a legitimate designer, to get help accessorizing their space.

If an online company allows the option to call for help, the customer is just a number to a mass on line retailer and ends up speaking to some hourly rate customer service person or a shelf stocker, who has less design knowledge than the customer calling or emailing.

6. The buyers for the on line home furnishing's retailers are also buyers for toilets and pots and pans. They are not specialists in accessories and wall decor. They are certainly not designers who are in the field and in clients spaces. THERE IS A DISCONNECT. They clearly are not interested in selling customers the right thing for their space, but just anything.

We decided to do something about it. In the summer of 2009, we had an idea, a vision of sorts, and Accessorize Your Space was born.

1. At Accessorize Your Space we believe that it is not about the confused mess and quantity of items, in those mass merchant on line store's. On the contrary, it is ALL about the quality, design and affordability of the items for your space, hand selected by our design teams. We do not mass upload items, as the other on line retailers do.

Accessorize Your Space will never be the store with 50,000 items on its shelves for customers to get lost in. We FIRMLY believe that it is not about quantity but ONLY about quality, design and affordability. We assure you, that we will never, ever sell pots and pans and toilets. YOU CAN STAND ON THAT ROCK. We want to do only one thing and that is to accessorize your space, and we are committed to focus on that only.

2. We have a low mark up because we are STRONGLY committed to having a low overhead. We will never spend huge amounts on advertising or have costly buildings. The competition buries those costs into their prices, and THEY WANT YOU TO PAY FOR IT. We will also not have executive bonuses, built into you prices. THEY WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THAT ALSO!

3. Accessorize Your Space will always be there for you. If you are having an accessorizing design dilemma. Not only can you email a designer directly, but you can call us, toll free, and speak to a member of our design team. They are designers. We even prefer that you call us and not click us.

We also want you to know that Accessorize Your Space is a Christian company. We always try to operate our store in a manner consistent with biblical principles, Christian morals and values and we always work to honor the Lord.

In closing, we believe that your space is the collage of your life, filled with your dreams and aspirations. We take it that seriously. If your space is designed correctly you will always look forward to returning to it and so will your family and friends.

Our designers have selected the finest products from around the world that will captivate your family and friends and bring you enjoyment and satisfaction for years to come. Browse our unique rugs, gorgeous dining tables, fashion forward chairs and bar stools and so much more.

We believe that you deserve design. We believe that you have earned design and freedom from the ordinary.